Q.  What is a polecat?

A.  I'm glad you asked that!  A lot of confusion comes from our name.   A polecat is not a
cat that climbs poles, heck, it ain't even a cat!  In America, "polecat" normally refers to a
skunk - and that's where we get our name.  However, if you want to get technical about it,
a true polecat is one of several different species of European weasels (see picture) which,
like our own American skunk (and bluegrass band), give off a repulsive odor.  But there are
no "true" native polecats in the Idaho panhandle (or anywhere in America), just skunks and
. . . us!
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polecats, and
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Now wasn't that
sweet of us!
http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1E1-polecat.html   (encyclopedia article on polecats)
http://www.natureportfolio.co.uk/mammals/carnivores_mustelids_polcat.php  (polecat pictures)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/skunk  (encyclopedia article on skunks)
Q.  Where did Hank get that hat??????????

A.  Good question!!!

Q.  Where can I get one of your awesome CD's?

A.  The best way is to come out and see us when we perform here in the Northwest.  
But if you can't make it, we also sell our CD's through an online distributor called CD
Baby.  Click
here to check it out.

Q.  Was moechtest du essen, und wo ist meine Schwester?

A.  Wha - ?

Q.  What got your family into bluegrass in the first place?

A.  Go back several years, you will see a small family of seven in a double-wide in
Rathdrum, Idaho, wandering aimlessly, happily ignorant.  Then one day, the mother
purchased a Flatt & Scruggs tape.  There eyes were opened, they saw the light, and
have been hooked ever since.

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