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Hi Kira,

It’s good to read labels. —500mcg as Calcium Folinate is liasted on the lable. If a person has the folinic acid (vegetable source folate) this could cause paradoxival folate deficiency blocking, with the folate from veggies up to 15-30mg of Metafolin. Until a person turns on healing, and titrates potassium and Metafolin until symprtoms go down and then try this item would you know if it would let you heal. Also,you would need the Enzymatic Therapy mb12 and the Anabol Dibencoplex to get adequate amounts of methycobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. The amount in the oral formula would absorb at best abourt 10-15 mcg. A 1mg sublingual held for 45-120 minuted xcould hold 15-25% (150-250mcg absorbed). The daily sublinguals are 100-10000 times as efective as injections if cyanocbl or \hydroxycbl of any amount at any interval.

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Fred says


Here is a taste from that paper, Adensylcobaloamin, the very large gorrila in the room.


Hi Everybody,

I had a reasonably severe relapse of Subacute combined degeneration (like a relapse of MS, increased dymyelination) t(also many overlapping with FMS/ME) hat has put me under since some time in August. My main line mb12, Jarrow, stopped being effective on my neurology (and a lot of other peoples too). Enzymatic Therapy B12 infusion is the only remaining mb12 I know of. I am helping organize a test of a lot of brands to see if some of those have changed for the better. It’s just as possible due to natural variations or something in the b12. Boy have I learned a lot. I am on the road to recovery yet again and mostly back.

Also I have identified a 4 way deadlock in people all around the adb12, mb12, l-methylfolate and KL-carnitine fumarate (or ALCAR for some). I also received the PA society newsleter showing a study that found 1/3 of the newer cobalamoin serum level tests are msiing severe deficiencies, even more useless than thought. For neurological good health I need my serum level over 100,000pg/ml at least half the day of 5 star mb12 and a good adb12. Right now the Anabol Dibencoplex appears to be about as good as an adb12 supplement can get. It has boron which the new paper shows where that is essential in the whole thing. So, for all those asking questions about various forms of b12, there are only two real b12s, adb12 and mb12. In combination they are 100 to 10,000 tomes more effective than hycbl and cyanocbl. Instead of being effective for a few symptoms and letting hundreds continue to get worse and have worsening deficiencies as with hycbl and cycbl the active combo is essentially 100% active for all symprtoms with the needed cofactors. The main poroblem is when it turns on hard everybody goes deficient in potassium and metafolin. The balance tends to look like this.

100mcg or nore combined active b12s (adb12 and mb12) 2400mcg metafolin, without paradoxical folate deficiency 6000-8000 mcg metafolin for folic acid based [paradoxical folate deficiency 12-30mg metafolin for folinic acid(veggie folate) paradoxical folate deficiency 2000-3000mg of additional potassium

The four members of the Deadlock Quartet are adb12, mb12, methylfolate and L-carnitine. Lack of any of these can prevent healing startup. People with anxiety need to start titrating l-carnitine from the Jarrow liquid at 100mcg (1/33 of a drop) to avoid huge anxiety-fear-panic etc reactions and increase of Parkinson’s type symptoms. However, all four are required for healing startup in some people and for continued healing. Using these excellent brands of mb12/adb12 sublingually far outperforms any injections.

The Very Large Gorilla Sitting in the Room? Adenosylcobalamin is the Missing Link: its Radical and Tetrahydrobiopterin are the Principal in vivo Catalysts for Mammalian Nitric Oxide Synthases. Carmen Wheatley

In this paper Dr Wheatly lays the ground work for adenosylcobalamin, adb12, adocbl etc being tremendously more effective at reducing inflamation and disease than hydroxycbl. The difference in effect is so huge as to largly account for the overwhelming differnce in effectiveness of tyhe active b12 protocol

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Mona says

Figure 3 with 4 supplements
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() Model of overall shape resulting from the excision of from the floor plate using shows visible phenotype in the E12.5 mutant embryo comprising, for instance, from …

Figure 3—figure supplement 4
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() 3D-models of upper parts of spine of () mutant () and () control embryo, analyzed at E15.5. () raw CT slices showing corresponding location marked …

Figure 3—figure supplement 3
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3D-visualizations of brains in () E12.5 wild type, () E12.5 , () E15.5 wild type and () E15.5 embryo show decreased volume of the brains in …

Figure 3—figure supplement 2
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() E12.5 control (magenta) and mutant (blue-green, ) clipping planes through the head shows cleft palate (red arrows) and missing septum (yellow arrows) in mutant embryo …

Figure 3—figure supplement 1
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Interactive file enables detailed browsing of segmented 3D models of all mutant embryos.Segmented models of cartilaginous nasal capsules of mutants and appropriate controls:

At the same time, the general geometry of the frontal part of facial chondrocranium remained almost unperturbed, thus, supporting the spatial modularity of cartilage induction in the face. The microstructure of the cartilage stayed normal, with fine borders defining bent cartilaginous sheets forming the major structure of the nasal capsule. The thickness of the cartilaginous sheets forming the capsule also remained comparable to that found in littermate controls ( Charm Bracelet heavenly by VIDA VIDA jNiN4Hz
). These observations strongly suggested that the early stages of cartilage induction must be affected.

We also investigated bone formation in the area of the nasal capsule at E15.5 ( Figure 3I ). We observed missing parts in maxillary bones from mutants, and malpositioned incisors that were found more posteriorly on top of instead of being in the anterior part of the maxilla. At this stage and in this particular location, there was no endochondral ossification ongoing. However, according to micro-CT data, the bone was forming in the proximity and on top of the existing cartilaginous shape template. Thus, the facial chondrocranium is important for the correct formation of the membranous facial bones.


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